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Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

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2017 FIRA WORLD CUP REGISTRATION is now open for registration.

Venue: National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Training and Practice Matches for registered players start 1st week of May 2017.

Registration closes on June 15, 2017

Games (Free trainings & matches available for registered players):

1) mini DRC Youth - autonomous robot

2) Hurocup Mini DRC Youth - tele-operated humanoid

3) Cliffhanger Modified Sumo - autonomous robot

4) Mission Challenge - autonomous robot

Ideal Robots: ATX2 Sumo, Robonova, STEM Robotbuilder-Inex, Inex Robocircle


FIRA robot soccer began in 1995 and the first international championship was held at KAIST, Daejeon, Korea in 1996. The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (or FIRA, in short) was officially founded in June 1997. FIRA has a basic goal of taking the spirit of science and technology of robotics to the younger generation, through the game of robot soccer.

Robot soccer can be portrayed as a competition of advanced robot technology within a confined space. It offers a challenging arena to the young generation and researchers working with autonomous mobile robotic systems.

It is hoped that FIRA’s flagship event, called the FIRA Robot World Cup (or the FIRA Cup in short), which started in 1996, together with many other FIRA events, will help generate interests in robotics in the young minds.

Ever since its establishment, FIRA has had venues for its annual FIRA Cup in Australia, Brazil, China, France and Korea.