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Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

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K12 Products

DSTC Sparks New Hope for Schools with Latest K12 Teaching Tools

Data Science and Technology Corporation (DSTC) unveils its new line-up of Digital K12 equipment and materials that facilitate positive teaching and learning experiences. It has partnered with international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) development companies from the USA, Middle East, East Asia and Southeast Asian countries to come up with the most relevant classroom tools to provide teachers and students a fun and meaningful way of learning. 

DSTC Products and Services

Multimedia Resources

1. Multimedia Instructional Materials for Science, Mathematics and English – contained in a Campus-Based server and does not need internet access. Updated lessons are added and uploaded regularly in the campus to allow continued access to a wealth of resources. Its research-based design and flexible format adapts easily to support all types of instructional models including direct instruction, cooperative learning and inquiry-based instruction. It also addresses all learning styles with its 2D and 3D animation, lively voice-overs, interactive content, ‘real life’ examples.

Science LabDisc

2. The Labdisc is the best solution for K-12 Science with up to 14 wireless sensors built into a single compact device - revolutionizing science in terms of convenience, cost and portability: Saving up to 90 minutes on lab setup time. The Labdisc makes science easy and fun with a full interactive experiment set for elementary, middle and high school students that focus on design and analysis, the part of the learning process with the greatest pedagogic value.


3. Robotics Program for Schools is a specialized approach to STEM learning. Through Robotics, students are given the chance to understand in real-life context the difficult concepts in Science and Mathematics. The program implementation options are Students 2-Day Camp; Teachers’ Robot Camp; and Curriculum Integration.

Digital Microscope

4. Digital Microscope is a compact but powerful microscope for school use. With its 200x magnification capability, this is the only microscope device that has both Video and Camera functions. It is lightweight, portable, and can be detached from the microscope base. It can be attached to the computer and LCD projector for classroom or even auditorium use.

K12 Computer Courseware

5. K12 Computer Courseware is the answer to the training needs of students in preparing for the demands of the market now and in the future. Students undergo market relevant courses that will allow them to prepare well for I.T. careers or get involved in technology-aided entrepreneurial ventures.

Mobile Planetarium

6. The market leader worldwide, teachers and students will be fascinated in how the universe ties into daily life. This is perfect for School Fairs & other events.

RQ Huno

7. This is the latest in the innovative humanoid robotics series. This robots programmable in desktop, mobile devices, and android phones.