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Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

Because Schools Need Living Technology

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Winds of change are blowing through the Philippine Classroom from several directions. From curriculum design, infrastructural requirements, to classroom scheduling, schools are having a hard time coping with the needs of the time. The infusion of technology has tremendously helped in shaping the new landscape of Philippine Education K12 Curriculum.

In more and more classrooms, teachers are using technology to help them meet the challenges posed by so many changes. Technology can enrich students' use of a variety of resources and help them gain understanding about their world. Assisted by teachers and peers in their growth as individual learners, students can use technology to enhance their work and increase their connections with resources outside school walls. Computers are not inherently instructional tools, hence many teachers need training for using them. 
This is where DSTC comes into the picture. DSTC provides, delivers, and implements a wide array of educational solutions designed to facilitate in the students' learning process. Technology Integration Program for Schools (TIPS) is DSTC's specialized approach to technology enhanced learning and teaching. The TIPS is designed to be flexible and is therefore customized to the needs of the school depending on the school's IT requirements.

The method of training both to teachers and students is dynamic, updated and customized to the schools' concern and students' needs. It makes the learning process fun, exciting and mutually beneficial not only for the students, the school and the DSTC but to the whole learning community as well.

Digital Classroom

The DIGITAL CLASSROOM is a trusted technology-based teaching tool designed for the 21st Century classroom. When placed in the hands of a teacher, this teaching tool transforms the learning experience of the students. 

The Digital Classroom's research-based design and flexible format adapts easily to support all types of instructional models including direct instruction, cooperative learning and inquiry-based instruction. The Digital Classroom offers rich 2D and 3D animations, lively voice-overs, interactive contents, and real-life examples - all help address the needs of learners with varying learning styles. 

All learning resources are contained in a Server that is within the control of the implementing school which makes the information uploaded and stored secured.


LABDISC It's time for something new.

The True K12 Science Companion!


3 Core Components of the Science Lab Disc Program




1. LabDisc Kit Hardware - with up to 12 built-in sensors. All in one complete lab in the palm of your hand. Next generation wireless technology, authomatic sensor testing and calibration, over 150 hours of battery life




 2. Computer Software Interface - Fully featured data analysis software, complete with bar and line graphs, analog & digital presentation modes, Graph Analytical Tools (derivatives, linear & quadratic regression), GPS tracker using Google Maps.


3. Curriculum - the program includes more than detailed 30 ready hands-on science activities!



One day of fun-filled learning activities using the latest equipment and software applications for K12 levels.

Students will be thrilled to discover and learn science concepts and their real-life applications. The camp can be held in the school auditorium or even a big classroom where students can move around as they try out different experiments in Elementary Science, Chemistry, Biology, Environment Studies, and Physics.



This is a special educational program designed to aid schools in implementing a Robotics Program launched initially in a Club set-up. The school will be assisted in setting-up the Robotics Club provided with the following: 

- Robot Kits and Robotics Programming Software 

- Robotics Club Curriculum 

- Prescribed Robotics Activities and Educational Games 

- Training the Trainers Program 

- Exclusive Robotics Events 

- Invitation to National and International Robotics Events